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  • Aaron Soltis

Review: "Always Gonna Let You Down" - gloomy june

A song of bitter feelings and toxic desires, gloomy june's "Always Gonna Let You Down" is a perfect description of a party killer vibe. The line "is it something I said?" is such a realistic outlook on the confusion that is the "vibe" of a party and how just a single phrase or sentence can ruin the mood. They try to redeem it with the line "I can be your dream and you'd be mine" with hopes that whatever was said didn't ruin the party but a potential relationship. The down-to-earth moods that are presented in this song shows just how hurtful toxic emotions can be.

Starting with a groovy 80's synth, a distorted rhythmic guitar, and a rocking (no pun intended) voice, "Always Gonna Let You Down" instantly sets a party mood in your mind. The rhythm section features a classic drum set (which always sounds great) that drives the song forward. The hi-hats and other high-frequency instruments are panned hard left and right which creates a sense of space. The song switches back and forth between classic guitars and synths to show differences between the verse and chorus, but there are moments when the two are effectively combined. This song wouldn't be what it is without the amazing lead vocals. Passionate and emotion-filled, the lead singer takes the listener on a journey through the experience of a bad party and the guilt and shame that follows after. So powerful!

Originally known as The Y Axes, "moody" pop band gloomy june hails from San Francisco, CA. Featuring 4 talented artists with a passion for music, they're a group whose rocket-launching into the industry. Their newest single "Always Gonna Let You Down" is called "the evil twin of Rick Astley's 'Never Gonna Give You Up'" and shows the results of their hard work and dedication to the craft. You can find out more about gloomy june's latest releases, general information, or more through the media links below. Catch them on tour this May in CA, WA, OR and more!

Written By Aaron Soltis



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