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  • Megan Cao

Review: "always on the run" - Call Me Dio

“Always On The Run” is an upbeat pop song warning others away since time with them is fleeting when he’s “always on the run”. Though born in Brazil, Call Me Dio has lived in countries like Italy, Portugal, and now, London. Moving time and time again, neighborhood after neighborhood, always forming new friends and fleeting connections. In such a state of flux, Call Me Dio wonders who to call his best man or wife when he’s moving miles away in just a few days. This tumultuous lifestyle is hard enough for any adult, but for a child that’s just learning about the world, it’s definitely left its lasting marks, but Call Me Dio is all the stronger for them.

Besides the infectious hook and descriptive storytelling, the spotlight of this track shines on the epic guitar solo. Though this song is upbeat, it also carries a degree of sadness, especially within the lyrics. Since Call Me Dio looked to showcase “the dark/sad side of growing up on the road where bad/good things constantly happen”, you can hear the emotion in his voice as he sings how he’s always on the run, never wanting to build anything because when he leaves, it’ll all fade into nothing.

Call Me Dio looks to create honest yet powerfully soothing music. At a young age, experiencing so much turmoil in his life only allows him to draw upon his experiences when creating realistic portrays for others to connect to. He looks to boldly use his poetic sounds to push the message of equality and freedom, using his introspective lyrics to form a camaraderie among those traversing through life together. All of his songs, from brooding indie tracks to danceable pop beats, contain and confront personal memories to inspire him and others to trudge on into the night, weary, but comforted by the thought that they’re not in this alone.

Written By Megan Cao


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