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  • Andy Mockbee

Review: "Ambience and Apple Pie" - Maty Noyes

Confidence is intoxicating, and Maty Noyes leads with it on her latest single, "Ambience & Applepie." Her mellow wispy vocals carry a playful smirk: she's setting the pace. The song drips like wax, intense but subtle. Hints of flamenco give the woozy sound an off-kilter intensity, brilliantly complimenting Noyes sultry vocals. Her voraciousness for multi-genre fusion keeps the latin-pop track on its toes, always swirling with distinct notes from pop's outer edges. "Yeah I got an appetite," she sneers, taking a monstrous bite out of the bassline. It's in the final minute of the song that Noyes' devilish grin melts into a complex puddle. Like knowing she's coming down from a high, the LA-based singer/songwriter lets the edges blur into nervousness, excitement, and bliss.

"Never been bored, I'm prescribed more," Noyes remarks with little more than a sigh. But "Ambience & Applepie" is about making lemons out of lemonade—or at least making things less boring. "Trade my drugs for a brand new iphone." The Mississippi-born artist owns herself through ambition, but remains tantalizingly elusive. "I'm an actress when I need to, but no one ever sees through." Artists often remark on facades like constraints, preventing them from showing their real selves, but Noyes tries them on like costumes. It's clear that she knows what she wants and what it takes to get it. The feeling of pulling together that perfect night is a rush on its own, until the flame reaches the end of the wick. "I hate when we're coming down." For as laid-back as Noyes appears, "Ambience & Applepie" sounds like she's happiest in charge.

Born in Mississippi, Maty Noyes first moved to Nashville at 16-years-old to launch her music career. After signing with Lava Records, Noyes skyrocketed to relevance. Featuring on The Weeknd's 2015 song "Angel," and Kygo's 2016 song "Stay," Noyes quickly became an internationally recognized artist. In 2021, she released her debut album "The Feeling's Mutual" with MITS records. "Ambience & Applepie" is the second single teasing towards her forthcoming project, "Rainbow Syndrome." The six-track record also features lead single, "Lightning Thief," which released alongside a music video. The record is wide-ranging and dynamic, but tied together by Noyes' authentic stories and perspective. "Every song I've written for this latest project is based on a real story," she states.

Written By Andy Mockbee

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