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  • Shelbi Baker

Review: "American Song" - Paper Citizen

American Song by Paper Citizen

Paper Citizen's latest single, "American Song" is the indie rock jam we all need this summer. It's a vibrant upbeat tune about reminiscing on good times. The lyrics touch on the idea of modern escapism, wanting to get our heads out of the internet and current events, and just go back to the music. Claire Gohst (Paper Citizen's creator) expresses her deep love for American music and her nostalgia for the way performing live has changed over the years. It's a yearning to go back to when things were simple and free, and this song is a time machine. "American Song" is the perfect tune to play as a reminder that no matter what, we will all be okay in the end.

Musically, "American Song" is the perfect summer concert song. It's bright, poppy, and positive. The energetic G Major key paired with fun instruments like electric guitar, fast-paced drums, and even horns in some sections makes the tune feel light and airy. The carefree nature of the track paired with Claire's strong vocals and extremely relatable lyrics make it so easy to resonate with. I would honestly be willing to call this song a millennial anthem. The chord progressions remind me a lot of anime openings or J-rock bands from the mid-2000s, something I frequented often in my teens. The whole thing feels so familiar and comfortable to me and I absolutely love hearing this sort of thing in 2024.

Paper Citizen is a musical project spearheaded by singer, songwriter, producer, and instrumentalist, Claire Gohst. Originally from Singapore, Claire was forced to leave home due to her parents finding out she was queer. Fortunately, she found love and kindness in the music scene, learning to play American songs to play for locals and tourists. After receiving a scholarship to study music in the US, Claire moved to Boston where she studied recording arts and jazz violin at Berklee College of Music. "American Song" is the first single revealed for her upcoming debut album set to come out this fall. I think it's a fantastic preview and I cannot wait to hear the finished album. You can give "American Song" a listen on Spotify now!

Written By Shelbi Baker


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