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  • Kevin Rodriguez

Review: "Amicably" - Kahone Concept

If you’re looking for something with smooth grooves and a ton of personality, ‘Amicably’ by Kahone Concept fits that bill exquisitely! It's about the tendency to deflect blame onto others and the victim mentality Kahone used to hide his heartbreak. He also admits that he wasn’t the greatest boyfriend; having been controlled by his insecurities. “There’s things that should be said, but he’s afraid that if he speaks, he’ll have nothing left.” The way Kahone approaches this topic is honest and engaging. He’s vulnerable down to the bones in his body. Yet, he also doesn’t mind having a little fun with it either!

This retro-inspired tune has memorable piano and guitar motifs touched by the artist’s charming incandescence. “I'm not a trend, and this is overkill; let’s not pretend that there is more to this.” The chorus itself is like a smoke bomb; both masking Kahone’s sorrow in front of others and alluding to its inescapable grip on him. As he deciphers his mind further, he finally figures out what was holding him back for so long. In that regard, the upbeat ambiance used here really matches the energy of his rebounding self-love. Thus, the title of the song (meaning “a friendly/peaceful resolution”) is quite fitting. There’s even more to this than I’ve gone through, but seriously, I love all the layers in this!

Ben Kahone’s artist journey as Kahone Concept is one of the most unique I’ve ever seen. He’s incredibly dedicated to music, becoming a multi-instrumentalist at a young age. In high school, he used his Texas Instruments calculator to start recording and producing tracks on his own. That’s certainly no small feat! Since then, this Pittsburgh-based pop artist has incorporated inspiration from the 70s and retro-futurism into reflections on his life. Did I mention that he made the music video for this song himself? And at 56 years old, he’s serving up flavorful singles like it’s nothing! Get this guy on your radar!

Written By Kevin Rodriguez



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