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  • Hailey Schap

Review: "An Original Thought" - Brothers Page

“An Original Thought” is the latest of these from Brothers Page.  The single is unique in its openness to criticize and challenge its consumers, asking for creativity in return for their own.  In an age where nearly everyone is surrounded by nearly everything, having media and advertisements overwhelming their field of vision, it's difficult to feel as if there’s anything to add.  But, human originality and opinion is always valuable- this is what “An Original Thought” calls for.  Taking your own path, and holding values beyond the usual chain of opinion where you like someone, and therefore their beliefs become your own.  Originality calls for boldness and honesty and this piece does nothing short of sell the listener on that, being inspirational in tone and lyricism.  

Though a call for original thought isn’t necessarily original in itself, the way in which it is suggested at the start of the song paints the concept in a light that sounds inviting and brand new, this theme of pacing and tone within their singing allows Brothers Page to create an electric feel to the song.  The genre of the music itself is indie but with a touch of pop-punk nostalgia. It’s upbeat with an overlapping guitar that wraps the listener into the piece and has them dance blindly, while their voices offer a grounding, tranquil base.  The vocals themselves present incredible range, even with this more calm theme surrounding them, so casually offering a glance at the talent these singers hold.  As if this wasn’t impressive enough, the impeccable instrumentals throughout finish off with a guitar solo that silences the rest.

Brothers Page are, as the name may suggest, a duo of two brothers whose talents fit together like puzzle pieces.  Josh and Zach Page are the ideal combination for creating music, with Zach focusing on lyrics and guitar, Josh with vocals, and both producing.  They are bound by family and it shows in their harmony together.  When they began to develop their careers, people noticed this natural skill almost immediately.  The duo first began gaining public traction on social media where their accounts have only continued to grow with each new release.  They currently hold nearly 1M followers on Instagram, as well as nearly 70k on TikTok, and thousands more across various social media platforms.  Follow these accounts below to stay updated on Brothers Page and stream “An Original Thought” today.

Written By Hailey Schap



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