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  • Kaiana Lee

Review: "And Then You Die!" - Paige Keiner x Spencer Jordan

An optimistic look at how confusing, crazy, and sometimes sad life can be. As we grow up we tend to look at our friends and think, “ I’m not doing as much as I should be.” Paige Keiner and Spencer Jordan are taking these sentiments and turning them into positive things. The song, “And then you die!” suggests that yes, your friends may be “ahead” of you in life but the reality is everyone goes at their own pace. Life doesn't have a manual and no one knows what life is all about. It's better to enjoy the ride than to try and understand it.

The vocals in this song coming from both Paige and Spencer are a breath of fresh air from beginning to end. Their voices mesh beautifully together on this track and keep the instrumental alive. In the beginning of the song, we have a light plucking of the guitar accompanied by the gentle vocals of Paige Keiner. The lyrics speak of a quarter-life crisis where it seems everyone is either moving forward or falling behind. As we creep closer to the chorus the instrumentation picks up and a little more guitar is added, keeping the optimistic emotions in place. The music then cuts out and we are left with Paige declaring, “I’m not losing my mind// or shit I might be," One of many catchy lines in this song that stuck with me after the first listen. The music is then cut back in with a sweeping pop chorus that adds the upbeat fullness I was excitedly waiting for. In the second verse, the instrumentation is bouncier and more positive led by Spencer Jordans pleasant vocals. “And then you die!” is a cheery folk-pop song that gives us a hopeful outlook on how life can be confusing for everyone.

Paige Keiner is a singer/songwriter based in Nashville, Tennessee. She derives a lot of her inspiration from various artists of all genres. She refers to her music as “edgy pop.” She has existed in many music genres along with her current career. She made waves playing rhythm guitar for a punk band in Charlottesville, Virginia, while attending college. Paige credits artists such as Paramore, Lady Gaga, and Sia for their influences on her music at the beginning of her career. She is now a solo artist making strides and working with many influential musicians in the Music City.

Written By Kaiana Lee



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