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  • Karlee Skipper

Review: "Angel" - Estella Dawn

Estella Dawn never fails to deliver iconic pop anthems that captivate listeners with her cheeky lyricism and earworm melodies. Her latest single, “Angel”, highlights her clever songwriting while she lays out all her ex’s dirty laundry. The track explores the singer’s experience with a toxic partner. One that she knew was bad news from the moment she met them, but she fell anyway in hopes that she could change them. Dawn herself admits that the song contains some of her most unhinged lyrics, as seen here in this TikTok. Her infallible manner of expressing honest emotions through poetic and clever lyrics is one of the many reasons listeners keep coming back for more. In "Angel", Dawn holds nothing back as she pierces her former partner straight through the chest, giving them what they had coming. The singer has a history of writing candid tracks that display raw human emotion that empowers listeners to embrace who they are and to stand up for themselves. Once again, Dawn hit the target by releasing an incredible track that resonates with listeners and allows them to feel less alone in their own hardships.

Dawn is not only a vocalist and a songwriter, but also a producer for all of her original tracks. Her passion and talent shine through in each song, showcasing her remarkable skill. Every one of her releases contains infectious productions that play on repeat in the audience’s mind, and “Angel” is no exception to this. The track begins with finger-style power chords played in a root strum pattern on an electric. The guitarist uses the strum slap technique to mute the strings while adding a percussive element to the song. This intro immediately sets the atmosphere for a unique and dynamic soundscape. The instrumentation continues into the first verse with soft airy synth that guides the listener through the song. Halfway through the verse, the percussion is introduced with a muffled snare. When the chorus hits, the drums open up and the guitar becomes more prominent. A second guitar playing the full chords and the bass are added, completing the full production. In the post chorus, a subtle guitar melody can be heard as the production decreases to signify the transition into the next verse. While the original instrumentation returns, additional synth and guitar melodies are introduced alongside background vocals that are added to maintain the high energy of the song. Dawn’s distinctive voice is every listener's favorite aspect of her music, blowing away anyone who hears her powerful and compelling vocals. Throughout “Angel”, she displays her impeccable vocal range, hitting the peak in the final chorus in the classic Estella Dawn style. As she displays her outstanding voice, she still ensures that her vulnerable lyrics are heard, perfecting the tightrope walk of production and songwriting. Any great song is a perfect balance of both, and Dawn walks it flawlessly in “Angel”.

Estella Dawn is a singer, songwriter, producer, and multi-instrumentalist from New Zealand, now based in San Diego. Her music does not stick to one style, but rather mixes the sounds of multiple genres to create her own unique sound. In 2018, she made her debut with her first single, “Feet". She released several singles leading up to the onset of the global pandemic. During quarantine, she took the time to hone in on her sound and capture her true essence within her music. That year she released 10 original singles every six weeks, defining her impeccable ability to keep audiences engaged with anticipation of her next masterpiece. Since then, Dawn has released several more incredible singles, and she continues to release music that reels in hundreds of thousands of listeners. Her creativity shines through every single one of her releases and she shows absolutely no signs of slowing down.

Written By Karlee Skipper



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