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  • Emily Hancock

Review: "Another Falling Star" - Ben Abraham

“Another Falling Star” is a beautiful ballad that’s about wondering what happened to a person you used to know. Abraham sweetly sings of a girl who he now has all these questions for– “Is it everything you were dreaming of?” People come and go through our lives constantly. Abraham captures that longing feeling we have toward someone after they’ve left. We can’t help but be curious about how their lives turned out because we have a very exact image of them in our mind that will never change. But what happened to them, what changed, and how are they now? Ben Abraham sings about all of this as he wonders if the girl he knew is “Another Falling Star.”

Right from the beginning, the song sets a melancholy and reflective mood– which is fitting for the lyrics that dive into things of the past. After the introduction of the calm melody line, Abraham sings with the most sweet and captivating voice. His deep vocals are beautiful– making the song have an even deeper emotional feeling. As he sings, you naturally feel relaxed and yet focused on the sound of his voice. You can’t stop listening to his smooth words. Ben Abraham truly has natural talent that shines through in this song.

Ben Abraham is an experienced artist who has been releasing music since 2014. Since then, Ben has collaborated with many artists including Sara Bareilles, Demi Lovato, and Macklemore. He has multiple albums out, as well as singles– of which included in this is his newest album ‘Friendly Fire’ which features “Another Falling Star.” Ben also is the receiver of APRA Music, ‘Overseas Recognition Award.’ We can expect many more great singles and albums from Ben– he’s a name to remember.

Written By Emily Hancock



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