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  • Melina Darlas

Review: "ANXIOUS!" - Daisy Draper

"ANXIOUS!" is Daisy Draper's latest single which she produced to give listeners comfort in the knowledge that any negative feelings they may face are entirely normal. As someone who has devoted countless years of her life to spiritual and holistic healing, Daisy holds plenty of insight on this matter. She hopes for listeners to come to terms with how they are feeling, recognize that said feelings are valid, and power through these darker times towards healing and authenticity. This piece brings up matters such as feeling overwhelmed, anxious, and sad, all natural emotions we endure, and urges listeners to channel their inner strength to stop these feelings from taking over.

This song flows from a calm vibe to a chaotic feel to reflect the absolute disarray people endure when struck by overwhelming anxiety. The piece begins with serene vocals and tranquil piano keys as a slow introduction to what is to come. As the song picks up its pace Daisy's voice becomes evidently more passionate as she sings of the confusion she is suffering through. Everything releases with a bang as soon as the chorus is sung. Daisy's voice transitions into a more powerful sound as the melody evolves into an energetic sound. This cycle repeats itself throughout the song and provides listeners with a glimpse into Daisy's perspective of these anxious feelings. Overall, this piece is a wonderful reminder for listeners to recognize that what they are feeling is completely valid and that it is more than okay to feel overcome by negative emotions.

Daisy Draper is an artist based in Los Angeles, California who merges spirituality and wellness with pop music. Through her blend of healing and entertaining, she helps people enjoy becoming their most authentic selves. Draper began her career in late 2018 after serving six years in the United States Army. During her time in the service, she was diagnosed with a debilitating autoimmune disease, her fight against which is one of the inspirations for her music. After overcoming chronic illness through emotional and holistic healing techniques, as well as spiritual practices, Daisy is eager to share the benefit of her experience with others through her social media platforms and her music.

Written By Melina Darlas



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