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  • Sydney Gray

Review: "Anymore" - Ziggy 2000

"Anymore" by alternative rock singer-songwriter Ziggy 2000 comes as a lead single for her upcoming second EP, Needles, that will be releasing in June 2024. It is her first new release in a couple years. The guitar-laden track recounts feeling done with a person and realizing how both of you are meant for something better than what you thought was love. As she laces the track with nostalgic melodies and guitar patterns, it felt reminiscent of 90s icons like Alanis Morissette and The Cranberries, and one of my current favorite artists, Suki Waterhouse. Even if you're not reeling from a breakup, "Anymore" is the perfect addition your to streaming library.

Ziggy 2000 starts of "Anymore" with a metaphor for the state of her relationship in the lyrics, "We're just like pages / All scattered on the floor." The acoustic sound features guitar strums and gentle vocals that make the track feel like a fitting backdrop for a coming-of-age film. In the refrain, she expresses the simple sentiment of being done with someone in the lines, "If I could, I'd tell you / That we're meant for something / But it's not what / We think is love." As her ethereal vocals repeat 'anymore' through the chorus, we are brought into how tired and insecure she has felt in this ending.

UK-based pop newcomer Ziggy 2000 released her first EP Obvious in 2021. Her music takes inspiration from pop ballads, alternative rock anthems, and the nostalgia of the 90s. Her monthly Spotify listeners is over 9,500, and she has earned hundreds of thousands of streams on her music. If you enjoyed "Anymore," make sure to check out Needles when it releases on June 5th, 2024. You can also keep up with all the latest information on Ziggy 2000 and her music by following the social media links below. After this track, I am so excited to see what music that Ziggy 2000 will release next.

Written By Sydney Gray



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