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  • Karlee Skipper

Review: "Anything But You" - Rachel White

Rachel White will do anything to distract herself from the heartbreak she is feeling in her new single, “Anything But You”. Her relationship ended abruptly leaving her confused and hurt. She is now trying to fill every minute to distract herself from the pain of her partner leaving. In the chorus, she sings that she is going out of her mind and pushing her limits just so she does not feel the pain. She is doing everything she can do to block the heartache. “Anything But You” resonates with listeners who have gone through a break-up that leaves them questioning what went wrong. She thought the relationship was going so well, so why did her partner leave? Anyone that has gone through a breakup that ends so suddenly like this will understand the hurt that White is feeling and know that they are not alone in the pain. White wants to create break-up songs that listeners can relate to and “Anything But You” proves she is capable of doing just that.

“Anything But You” was written only two months ago in March 2022, making this song an incredibly raw, vulnerable song. As soon as the song starts, the soft piano and White’s angelic singing begins. The heartbreak is heard in her voice during the verses, and nearly explodes in the chorus. She builds up the background of her former relationship and the hurt she is feeling now that it is over. In the bridge, the music intensifies as she explains what happens when she lets her guard down for a minute. She starts questioning if her ex is also feeling the same emotions. The bridge ends with a slowdown of production, limiting to song to just White and a few notes. She flipped the script in this moment, singing “I bet you’re filling your time”. She questions if her former lover is using the same coping mechanisms as her. She then bursts back into the chorus, bringing a cinematic ending to the song. “Anything But You” tells a full story of heartbreak and mourning, making it the perfect break-up ballad.

Rachel White is a singer-songwriter from Scotland. Her debut single, “Royalty”, was released in 2020 after she spent time focusing on her music during the pandemic. Her lyrics tell a story of sorrow that is relatable to listeners everywhere. She takes inspiration from many artists such as Hailee Steinfeld, Holly Humberstone, and Shawn Mendes. She wants to create songs that resonates with her listeners and make them feel less alone. Her debut EP, “Hold On”, was released alongside with her single “Anything But You”.

Written By Karlee Smith



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