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  • Willow Gray

Review: "Anything" - Kyle Richardson

“Anything” is a heartfelt love letter about the little gestures and sacrifices you make for your relationships. As a relationship grows in strength, your feelings for the other person flourishes and makes you look at your own actions. Little things start building and suddenly you’re giving another person your sweater in chilly weather. You recognize their importance in your life and you try to act rational, but something about them feels magnetic. A radiant smile, their closeness, their willingness to be with you through anything. You want to give back and show how much you appreciate how golden your relationship has become. So you go on, showing them, through little acts of kindness, how you two can do anything together.

Kyle Richardson’s latest single is a feel good anthem shimmering with wonderfully familiar pop nostalgia. The most stand out aspect of this song is just how much Richardson’s voice pairs with the lovely beats and instrumentation. As his voice sways along with the continuous motions of the rhythm, it is almost as if they are intertwined. They are two puzzle pieces that fit almost magnetically. The lyrics are simple yet engaging for listeners. As you listen, you want to hear more about the little gestures he gives in his relationships. Your heart flutters with every sweater given and flower sent in the morning. Every aspect that could blend well together does so and cultivates an infectious feel good experience for all listeners.

Kyle Richardson is a thriving LGBTQ+ Canadian singer-songwriter. He has been passionate about music since his childhood, writing songs in highschool. At the same time, he participated in and won several singing competitions, taking inspiration from many artists such as John Legend and John Mayer. He is well-established in the music industry and has worked with many important names. One of his primary mentors is Grammy nominated Jeff Dawson who has worked with artists such as Kelly Rowland and Daniel Powter. He has also worked closely with other songwriters such as Carly Rae Jepson and Garrett Neiles. As an outspokenly LGBTQIA+ artist, Richardson regularly performs at Pride events and parades and has become well established within the community. He can regularly be heard on Canadian and worldwide radios alike for his infectiously catchy singles and covers. Make sure to follow him on social media and give “Anything” a listen!

Written By Willow Gray


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