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  • Andy Mockbee

Review: "Anything You Want" - JASONWATERFALLS

Dutch band, JASONWATERFALLS have always been masters of constructing stadium-sized rock anthems. Their latest offering, "Anything You Want," ahead of their upcoming EP continues this trend with a pop twist. The production is larger than life: chugging synths, smooth bass, and boxy drums all lift up the immaculately mixed vocals. Reminiscent of late-2000s emo, "Anything You Want" dials everything up to its breaking point and lets it hover there. Fusing it with modern pop sensibilities, the song works because its never beholden to its own rules.

Even the lyrics of "Anything You Want" bring out the larger-than-life feel. "As we go down in flames, one thing that keeps me sane is / Ain't giving, won't give you anything you want from me." Tying these broader feelings to specific, personal confessions keeps the songwriting grounded and introspective. "I think that I feel best with no one else around," he remarks. That the lyrical layers feel well-blended is a testament to the band's writing strength. Even from the solitude of a bedroom, "Anything You Want" makes you feel like you're packed into a crowd at a concert. For a rock song, that's exactly what you want.

JASONWATERFALLS are a 4-piece Dutch alternative rock band. Their sound merges dark electropop with energetic metal. In 2020, they released the EP "Pillars," which resulted in their nomination to the 2021 Edison Pop Awards. With their growth in popularity, the band has been headlining shows in Netherlands and supporting world-renowned artists, such as Panic! at the Disco, Machine Gun Kelly, Highly Suspect, etc. "ANYTHING YOU WANT" arrives as the second single ahead of their upcoming EP entitled "The Great Masquerade." The 6-track record features a post-apocalyptic theme.

Written By Andy Mockbee



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