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  • Victoria James

Review: "april fools" - The Wren

First dates can be awkward, but The Wren can turn a weird situation around with ease. She wrote her new song “april fools” after a first date and captures the bittersweet feelings and awkwardness of it all. The light-hearted track will make you giggle like she did when she wrote the song. It might also conjure memories of a first date you wish to forget. “April fools” is quirky in the best way, sure to show The Wren’s personality and ability to tell a story. You may not fall in love on your first date, but you’ll be bound to fall in love with The Wren’s cleverness and playful manner displayed in "april fools" off her new EP "this is gonna hurt."

“April fools” gently pulls you in with The Wren’s vocals paired with an immersive sound. The instrumental is simultaneously relaxing yet energizing. The Wren has a certain charm in her voice that brightens the room and puts a smile on your face. Her voice floats in such a delicate fashion, each word soothing to the ear. Every component of the song fits like the final pieces of a puzzle. The harmonies, guitar, and claps on the beat work together to give people an exciting and unforgettable listening experience. “April fools” is special because The Wren has managed to create balance with the song. It is intimate yet light and fun. The lyrics are personal but don't take themselves too seriously. It perfectly encapsulates The Wren’s passion for making music and her talent that shines through when doing so.

The Wren is a singer-songwriter based in Los Angeles, California, but she is originally from Arizona. She is a folk, acoustic, and pop artist with thoughtful lyrics and intimate vocals. The Wren, inspired by the official bird of her home state, has been singing her entire life. She took songwriting and playing guitar seriously at twelve years old but found her passion as a singer-songwriter twelve years later. She has released music off and on over the years but officially debuted with her song “Please don’t joke about dying” after settling under her moniker, “The Wren.” She released her EP, “this is gonna hurt” in the middle of January.

Written By Victoria James



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