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  • Hailey Schap

Review: "Apt 414" - Bradley Kim

Photo credit: Ricky Johnson

Apartment 414, the physical space that is, represents a sort of memorial for Bradley Kim’s ex. Filled with memories and tangible reminders of their relationship, it’s the last thing standing following the breakup. “Apartment 414”, Kim’s latest release, is a goodbye letter to this space, and it turn, to the ex. The idea of moving on is often sped up, seen as merely a day where one wakes up and is suddenly apathetic to the one they once loved. Apathy is not necessary for resolution, though, as Bradley Kim explains. He discusses his feelings, how he misses them, how hard it is to move on, and then he does anyway. Apartment 414 may be locked behind him now, but in his ability to sit in the “apartment” and live in his feelings of loss, Kim is able to create a cathartic and touching story lost on those who reject their natural sentimentality.

At the start of the song, Bradley Kim begins singing in a seemingly empty space. One scattered tone echoes his voice in the background. But as he starts elaborating, building the imagery of this apartment, the music seamlessly picks up behind him. He sings in simple statements, ones that can be broken down easily. It is in this way that he can truthfully explain his emotions, which he told the listener from the very first line of the song he intended to do. “I don’t pretend that it’s easy doing life alone.” he stated with complete transparency. The song continues to follow this theme, describing details that live within the walls of 414 while Bradley displays his incredible vocals. The instrumentals have a mostly modern sound, except, when the music swells in the chorus and the more emotional portions of the piece. Here, an electric guitar and traditional percussion can be heard. It is with those, that the listener has now come to associate with intense feelings, and the note “leaving apartment 414” that the song comes to a close.

Bradley Kim, though born into a life not seemingly meant for music, has discovered it and his potential through a variety of experiences, each step bringing him closer to the incredible ability he reveals today. He was born outside of Seattle, to a military family. He played sports in school and followed the path of those before him in serving, in his case in the air force. But, along this starkly contrasting road, he found music. To perfect his “promposal" to a friend who had her own passion for music, Bradley taught himself ukulele and in this act, taught himself how much he loved creating and performing. Later, he met another friend with this passion, he would go on to create and release his first original song with him. Balancing his responsibility to the military, his music career, and the breakup with his boyfriend of three and a half years is what has brought us “Apt 414”. A song written from his personal experience, as many of his others have been, and one of his favorites. Go stream "Apt 414" now, and follow Bradley Kim’s socials below to see where he takes this theme of balance, heartache, and continuing on through it all.

Written By Hailey Schap



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