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  • Karlee Skipper

Review: "Armor" - Aliana Lohan

Aliana Lohan once again has proven that she is a remarkable artist with a keen ability to capture real, authentic human emotions. With her latest single, “Armor,” the singer shares her journey of breaking away from toxicity and empowering herself to move on. Throughout the song, the lyrics disclose a one-sided relationship where Lohan opens her heart to her partner. Meanwhile, they could not care less about her and take advantage of her love. With the very first verse, Lohan dives into this heartbreaking notion with the lines: “All I wanted was to be taken// All I wanted was to feel something more// All I wanted was to hear you say, 'I’m the one.'” In the pre-chorus, she continues to illustrate her sorrow before she tells them she has finally accepted the only option left—she must leave them. Her empowering chorus reveals that despite this grief, she knows that she will make it out alive and that this is for the best. She wears her “jacket as her armor” to guard her heart and protect her from the emotional demons. The second verse divulges further into the grim plot, where not only was her partner not fully committed, but that they were in lust—not love. Lohan sings, “In your eyes you’re full of desire// But that isn’t love.” This further emphasizes that leaving this person was in her best interest and regardless of her deep love for them, it was not returned in the way she deserves. “Armor” lifts the spirits of listeners and encourages them to break free from the toxic cycles they are stuck in and to wear their armor proudly.

With only a handful of singles under her belt, Lohan has already perfected her craft. “Armor” is absolute pop-perfection with a high-energy production paired with the empowering lyrics. The song kicks off with a clean muted guitar that utilizes heavy reverb. The notes are played staccato, revealing the punchy rhythm found through the rest of the track. Lohan’s compelling vocals introduce the first verse with a slight echo while the beat makes its entrance. The production continues to build in the pre-chorus where the synth bass and significant percussion are heard, preparing the listener for the explosion into the chorus. The production then takes a unique spin by enhancing the upbeat energy with an electronica vibe. While the bass and percussion remain, the keyboard becomes more prominent as it guides the background. This energetic atmosphere is made to get listeners dancing and having a great time. The production maintains a steady structure throughout the next verse and pre-chorus. While the second chorus overall remains the same, additional vocal effects are added to bring a new dynamic to the song. When the listener reaches the bridge, they are propelled into the song’s climax with volume swells that make them float away with the production. A subtle build guides them back into the final energetic chorus. Lohan’s vocals close out the song with intense effects that pierce through the listener’s soul, leaving them with a lasting scar to remind them of this infectious pop anthem.

Aliana Lohan is a singer, songwriter, model, and actress. She has been in the music industry for over a decade but has recently rebranded her music and sound to match her current style. In 2021, she released the first of her new era of music with her single, “Without You.” Then on her birthday in 2022, she released the follow-up single, “Already Home.” “Armor” marks her second single of 2023 and fourth overall, following her previous release, “All Around Me.” Her musical inspiration ranges between artists such as Pat Benatar, Celine Dion, and Cyndi Lauper with a mix of influences from Taylor Swift and Pink. With a combination of “catchy rhythms and soulful sounds,” Lohan’s style has often deemed her as an “old soul,” making her music timeless and unforgettable. Aside from her music career, Lohan also has acting credits to her name. Most recently, she starred alongside her sister, Lindsay Lohan, in the 2022 Netflix Original Holiday Rom-Com, Falling for Christmas.

Written By Karlee Skipper



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