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  • Sneet Efrem

Review: "Arrived" - Nicolette

Breakups are hard, even mutual ones like Nicolette’s. “Arrived” tells the story about the final moments of a breakup where she reminisces on the memories they’ve made together and going back on forth on if she wants it to come to an end or not. However, she later comes to the conclusion that this is what the both of them want, even though it stings. Her thought process, the back and forth, and the reminiscing are all taken place during the car ride. The title of the song is used as her way of saying that she has arrived at her destination, and so has the relationship. It has come to an end.

Taking a peak at the GPS, Nicolette notices that there are 5 more minutes until she’s dropped off, but also until they stop speaking and seeing each other again. She says, “Is that all that's left of our forever? What if you don’t drive me home? Can we do just one more block? I don’t want this ride to ever end.” We hear a slow piano and a slow beat. This is used to show her being emotional and sad over the thought of a breakup. She wants time to slow down a bit, so that they have more time together, so the piano is used to demonstrate this. We see that she’s taking it back and no longer wants to break up, so she suggests to continue driving. To continue the ride is to continue the relationship. If the car stops and she leaves, so does the relationship. To continue driving is also her way of saying that they get to keep doing the things they used to do when they were happy, such as “Watch[ing] the stars from on top of the roof just like we used to do, when we were still in love.” At this point, we hear the beat speed up and a violin come in. However, she then throws us in for a loop and says, “But love is not enough, so take me home.” This felt as if the song was going to give us a happy ending, but now we can see that she has finally made up her mind, and no longer wants the ride to drag on. This may have been a hint that something was missing during their time together. She just wants to get to her destination and end the relationship. When she realizes this, the slow piano and slow beat makes a return, and her voice gets quieter until the end of the song.

Nicolette is an indie-pop artist that was born and raised in Gainesville, Florida, but had recently moved to Charlotte, North Carolina. According to her Spotify page, she has 240 monthly listeners and her most popular song is “Robotic” with over 11,000 plays. In an Instagram post about filming her journey and accomplishments as an artist, she shares, “I have dreamt of being a singer, writing my own songs, performing, and touring since I could start singing.” I’m very excited to see what else Nicolette has up her sleeve and to see her grow as an artist! Check out Nicolette’s new single, “Arrived”, out now on streaming platforms!

Written By Sneet Efrem



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