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  • Melina Darlas

Review: "Ashes" - Stilla

"Ashes" captures the feeling of every intense emotion hitting you at the end of a relationship. In this piece Stilla focuses on the idea of fire; being burnt by the relationship and having to deal with the burns after it is all over. The song captures what it feels like to be burnt during the relationship, but not being able to run away because it seems worth it at the time. It isn't until after it's all over does she realize that she was scorched by her lover. The entire production of this song is catchy, clear, and crisp as Stilla pays close attention to making every single sound heard. With such great production, Stilla gives her listeners an empowering anthem to give comfort to those who need to heal after a painful relationship.

There are millions of break-up songs out there, but Stilla makes her's stick out by attaching the theme of fire to her piece. By creating this correlation between her past relationship and what it feels like to be burned, Stilla takes her songwriting to the next level. This metaphor amplifies the heartbreak allowing her listeners to better resonate with her song. As for her vocals, Stilla reveals that she is capable of soft, lighter notes as well as those strong high notes that catch your attention. Her vocal range adds depth to the piece and keeps listeners attentive throughout the entirety of the track. With soft piano keys, clear percussion, and incredible vocals, Stilla created a wonderful song that makes listeners feel all of those difficult emotions that come with a breakup.

Stilla merges her insightful lyrical take on the world with dreamy pop textures to create her unique sound. As a 21-year-old Australian singer-songwriter, she has crafted her own lane in pop music with her distinctive writing style and luminous vocals, capturing her own spirit and charisma. Stilla is a natural-born storyteller, delivering a relatable narrative through her perceptual and honest compositions. Her music allows listeners to connect with her journey and their own.

Written By Melina Darlas



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