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  • Julia Hooper

Review: "Astronaut" - Margo

One’s early 20’s are often a time of self-discovery and immense confusion. Margo eloquently captures the feeling of being lost in space in her new single, “Astronaut”. The artist’s beautifully crafted lyricism provides a sense of relatability to listeners with verses such as, “I’m stuck in isolation, I have no destination”. Living through Covid-19 offered a time of seclusion and left many feeling light years away from their desires and dreams. Margo reminds audiences that they're not alone in this constant search for a fulfilled future and that each person is on their own, introspective journey through life. Margo’s angelic vocals and haunting instrumentation make “Astronaut” an indie-pop anthem that presents themes of escapism and bliss.

A groovy drum beat and mystical synth audio signals, introduce the otherworldly vibe of “Astronaut”. The single’s dreamy chorus features Margo’s crisp, soprano voice contrasted by deep bass lines. Harmonious vocal layering and ethereal runs help add to the song’s hypnotic nature. Margo is able to provide airy vocalization while simultaneously maintaining a strong, powerful volume. The single has already reached 1.2k streams on Spotify alone. “Astronaut” is Margo’s first professionally produced music video and has performed exceptionally well, with 8.4k views on YouTube since its release on November 26th. The video features cinematic videography, with diverse camera angles and immersive video motion. The music video’s beautifully crafted set showcases a moon landscape that transports viewers to outer space. The use of smoke, lighting flares and video distortion illustrate a sense of magic and establish an unearthly vibe.

Based in Cologne, Germany, Margo is a 22-year-old indie-pop artist. Her 2022 debut single, “Pink Vision” has garnered over 5.4k streams on Spotify and the song’s accompanying music video has received 5.3k views on YouTube. Margo has a deep love for songwriting and playing the piano. She draws inspiration from 70’s legends like Stevie Wonder and David Bowie. She is further influenced by modern musicians, such as Arlo Parks and Alice Phoebe Lou. The singer’s TikTok account is a platform where fans can discover her song covers, personal style and fun personality. Margo has accumulated over 1k monthly listeners on Spotify and frequently performs live at local music venues and bars. In fact, tickets are available now for her upcoming concert at Blue Shell in Cologne on December 20th.

Written By Julia Hooper



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