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  • Kaiana Lee

Review: "ATOMIC BLONDE" - Tash Blake

When it comes to pop femme fatales only a few iconic blondes come to mind; Madonna, Lady Gaga, and Britney Spears. What if I told you there's a new femme fatale just waiting in the wings to take her spotlight? Tash Blake is an up-and-coming artist who, from the inception of her career, has shown the world just how powerful she is. Blake takes electronic club beats and melds them seamlessly with her posh vocals to create an otherworldly sound. Her new EP Atomic Blonde features these alien club pop soundscapes and mimics the illustrious aspects of Gaga's The Fame Monster. The namesake of her EP is no different.

Atomic Blonde takes a great deal of its inspiration from the critically acclaimed Charlize Theron film by the same name. A woman coming into her power and living unapologetically in it. Fierce femininity in a blonde polished package. Atomic Blonde, the EP, is a love letter to dance music but Atomic Blonde, the song, is raw proof of Tash Blake's connection to the genre. With distorted synths as the heart of this track and Blake's robotic delivery in both dance and voice delivers an avant-garde look at electropop music. The music video expresses a similar vibe with strong choreography and glittering visuals Atomic Blonde showcases massive talent on Blake's part and a deep appreciation for the electric dance genre that many times gets overlooked by the masses.

Tash Blake is an artist rooted in originality. She prides herself on self-expression in her art and truly delivers each time. The core of her art is inspired by her dance background. She began her career in December with the release of Mannequin. A powerful track that ignited the Femme Fatale persona, Tash has displayed in her records since. Tash wants her music to hold a message of empowerment and living unapologetically. Her fierce commitment to loving herself and giving the tools to her fans to do the same is exactly why Tash Blake will be the next pop icon.

Written By Kaiana Lee



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