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  • George McSherry

Review: "Attention" - Emarosa

The intersection of funky, gospel-inspired pop and vulnerable lyricism is oddly empowering. Emarosa's versatile new track "Attention" fits right into pretty much any playlist I can imagine. Crafted for catharsis, the song is rife with both emotional relatibility and plenty of energy; I fully intend to strain my vocal cords singing the track poorly and oh-so-loudly in the shower.

Tight, staccato drum loops bounce in and amongst the synth chords that build the energy alongside the pitched-up falsetto vocals before the soulful crescendo into the chorus. The production is layered and vibrant, but best of all uncomplicated, relying on its stripped-back nature to allow the powerful vocals and percussion to really bolster the track's energy and depth. Gospel-inspired backing vocals croon alongside stomps & claps that are introduced to lead us to the song's end.

Emarosa is the moniker used by the established, multi-talented duo of guitarist, ER White, and vocalist, Bradley Scott Walden who have collaborated for over a decade. The band has worn many masks since its formation in 2006 as band members have come and gone; Emarosa continued shifting its style accordingly, switching lanes from metalcore to alternative in its early evolution while building on a foundation of energetic pop-rock in more recent years. The duo makes use of an array of production techniques, combining elements of synth wave and alternative music to fashion "glittery pop". Their journey from the world of metal to their current style must have been a twisted road but the final product is undeniably infectious.

Written By George McSherry



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