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  • Karlee Skipper

Review: "August" - Eliza Harrison Smith

Eliza Harrison Smith’s latest single is a dreamy summer ballad about love slipping away. Her song “August” reflects on the feelings of regret when a relationship ends, and the nostalgia that comes with it. Smith thinks back to a time when she was still happy and in love with her partner. Back in the month of August, their relationship was hot like the summer sun. Now, it is a cold November night and Smith is alone with nothing but her thoughts and a broken heart. She sings, “But I can’t shake the thought that if somehow// I could relive August one more time// I think I’d get it right.” She wishes she could hit rewind on the relationship and take back the words that led to the ending. August was a time of happiness and sunshine, but now all Smith experiences are gloomy days.

“August” is a beautiful indie-pop ballad that captures the essence of summertime. Smith’s intention for the song’s production was to “capture the light, breezy vibe of the end of the summer.” She flawlessly succeeds as this song sounds exactly like the feelings described. The soft, indie production showcases Smith’s emotional lyrics without overpowering them. This song is the first Smith has released that she personally feels “truly encapsulates” the sound she thrives for. If “August” is anything like her future releases, then listeners will need to be ready for the next big Indie-Pop queen.

Eliza Harrison Smith is an indie-pop singer-songwriter from Washington D.C. After seeing Taylor Swift in concert, Eliza began to write her own songs and learned to play the guitar at only thirteen years old. After graduating from the University of Edinburgh, Scotland, she determined that she wanted to pursue songwriting as a career. In the fall of 2019, she moved to Nashville with ambitions to be a songwriter for other artists. She has collaborated with many artists and songwriters, and has been recognized as one of the Nashville Songwriter Association International’s “Ones to Watch”. In 2021, she released an EP of demos and has begun her journey as a versatile artist.

Written By Karlee Smith



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