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  • Tessa Maddaloni

Review: "august" - SANNIA

For those who have been lucky enough to experience teenage love, you know how intoxicating it is. Nothing tainted by the world yet, no responsibilities or hardships, just you, your lover and the whole bright shiny future up for grabs. No matter how perfect it sounds, this never lasts, and something has to break along the way (most likely your heart). You eventually grow up and this feeling slips away, along with the person you once called yours, but the memories creep back in every once in a while. You remember driving down the highway, you remember the warmth and the love, you remember all the summer nights spent together. SANNIA’s most recent release ‘august’ puts this feeling into words, as she describes herself now looking back at her teenage love and missing what they shared (albeit with rose colored glasses). It is a song about nostalgia and infatuation, and the pace is just as fast and upbeat as the quick heart flutters of a kid in love.

SANNIA demonstrates her knack for writing in this track, as she impeccably describes her thoughts. She sings lines like, “But we were love drunk, we were flying 
/ We had it planned out, we'd never be like our parents” and “That you were the best thing in my life or going around”. With these words, she clearly describes the fire and passion of a first love. You believe you will be the ones that make it, that last forever, that defies all odds. The song soars and crashes like this very feeling, with a melodic pop backing and synth beats that make it almost as addicting as love itself. SANNIA closes out the song with a vow to her old lover, as she sings, “Baby I still see you in summer nights 
/ Maybe we'll meet in another life 
/ I hope you know no one ever came close”. No one could ever touch what they had, and she proclaims this proudly for her audience.

SANNIA is an up and coming artist from Melbourne, who is still collecting fans from her debut single ‘Go and Get Over’, released in 2018. She has amassed over 3,000 monthly listeners on Spotify, and is set to release her first album sometime this year. Her musical vibe is similar to Olivia Rodrigo, Bleachers, and Taylor Swift, and her music is a cohesive mix of electronic, pop, and indie styles. She became a finalist in Nashville’s International Songwriting Competition, highlighting her skill for lyricism as an artist. She writes about real life experiences, and truly puts her whole heart into her work. Make sure to follow the social medias below to stay tuned for more music from SANNIA.

Written By Tessa Maddaloni



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