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  • Ari Schweitzer

Review: "Autopilot" - Kelaska

If life is a highway, sometimes it can really feel like we missed the right exit. Kelaska fleshes out this idea in her latest single “Autopilot”, a pop-rock banger that talks about wanting to let someone else take the wheel. Though the lyrics talk about spending life running in circles, the track only proves that Kelaska’s songwriting is still getting better and better.

“Autopilot” opens with Kelaska’s relatable lyrics, saying that she feels as if she “missed her exit when she turned 25”, watching all her friends who seem as if they have everything figured out. Complementing the somber words are Kelaska’s crisp vocals floating over an intimate combination of acoustic guitar and light percussion. The chorus changes up the mood with a sudden switch to a classic rock and roll sound, featuring gritty guitars, energetic drumming, and Kelaska singing about running in circles. A quick bridge reins the song back to its starting sound, but as soon as the final choruses hit the rock elements come back to power you through the rest of the track.

The Connecticut songwriter has been on a roll with her releases in the past two years. Her discography includes a plethora of cover songs to listen to, as well as original singles that demonstrate her unique indie-pop sound. If you’re feeling a little down or just need a good pop-rock jam, Kelaska’s “Autopilot” is what you should be listening to.

Written By Ari Schweitzer



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