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  • Giavanna Gradaille

Review: "Autumn Sky" - Darcey Hope

Within 20th and 21st-century literature, the varying seasons have adopted multiple metaphors and acquired countless symbols. These literary devices tend to be straightforward in the ideas and emotions they invoke, except when discussing Fall. Autumn has a duality to it. It's not as direct in what it can represent: it can be both abundance and decay, or ripening youth and declining age, or before present and past. In the case of Darcey Hope's "Autumn Sky", Fall's duality is highlighted; it characterizes an appreciation for the events that happen in fading time.

"Autumn Sky" is a nostalgic folk-pop ballad that centers on gratefulness for the little moments that serve as the building blocks for life. The single's soft guitar-playing is the instrumental focus. Meanwhile, Hope's euphonious vocals take a listener through these small, sweet moments. The moments at hand interweave between everyday things that brighten a person's day such as looking out a window to see beautiful landscaping accompanied by lovely weather, to more intimate moments shared with a partner like a deep embrace during a sunset. The single is wonderfully versatile to fit different forms of appreciation for differing little moments through time.

Darcey Hope is a singer and songwriter based in the U.K. Her musical blend of country, folk, and pop sends listeners into nostalgic bliss. Hope's talent has become a reoccurring feature on BBC Music Introducing - she's even managed to cop 'Track of the Day' multiple times. Her debut EP "try to say goodnight", is set to drop on June 23rd. That's just right around the corner! But if you find yourself impatiently waiting to hear more from the artist, you can always stream her earlier singles; "Coming Home" and "Hold On" on top of "Autumn Sky". Until that drop though, keep on daydreaming with Hope's music.

Written By Giavanna Gradaille



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