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  • Zewdi Cass

Review: "average" - LONG ISLAND

Emotional yet empowering, LONG ISLAND’s newest release, ‘average’ expresses the anger and embarrassment that ensues when you realize someone simply wasn’t good enough for you. The song details the freedom of knowing your worth, while simultaneously throwing well-deserved jabs at the spectacle of the past. The agonizing frustration yet also uplifting feelings of clarity are felt through the vocal performance and production of the single.

Starting right out the gate with a catchy beat, ‘average’ aims to catch the listener's ears with a memorable sound from the beginning. The vocal range heard throughout the song is described best as the classically satisfying angsty yearning known throughout the indie-pop genre. Upbeat yet pleasingly melodic instrumentals complement the mood that the lyrics provide to the single. It’s easy to feel the synchronicity each counterpart of the band provided to create what is the last single off their upcoming album.

Indie-pop band LONG ISLAND aims to break musical barriers with a powerful sound unique to the band's heartful production and vocal aesthetic. Based in Huddersfield, UK, the group is comprised of vocalist Rhiannon Stephenson, guitarist/vocalist Cameron Conner, bassist Paddy Spence-Lewis and drummer Jan van Beem. In their debut streaming year, they’ve accomplished critical acclaim from BBC, Alfitude, and CLOUT all while maintaining a steady flux of live shows. Their debut album, ‘infatuation’s a nightmare’ is set to release in January of 2023 which is sure to push forward the bands climbing success.

Written By Zewdi Cass



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