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  • Megan Cao

Review: "b-day" - Jewel Owusu

“b-day” is an introspective glance at the two dichotomy of birthdays - on one hand, ecstatic at all the support and well wishes, yet also maybe disappointed at the passing of another year. Growth isn’t linear, and as a year passes, the lessons that you can pick up from countless mistakes once you have the clarity to reflect upon it. No matter the party, the dress, or the drinks, it won’t hide the disappointment or unfulfillment you may feel year after year, stuck in a rut. Owusu brings an interesting twist on the standard pop party song, offering a different perspective on why birthdays are a celebration yet also can be a mark of disappointment.

Owusu fuses a variety of genres, from future pop to R&B to present a song with an eclectic group of music styles. The production by Aria Wood is soulful, full of lush guitar plucks, shimmering synths, and unstoppable drum grooves, beautifully layered with melodies and harmonies. Owusu's voice cuts through the noise as she delivers an emotionally charged performance, melancholic yet happy. Growing older isn’t always a happy thing for everyone, and Owusu’s beautiful voice emotionally shines a light on being okay with where you are as you learn to be less hard on yourself and celebrate the small victories.

Jewel Owusu is a half-Filipino and half-Ghanaian singer-songwriter born in the city of Hong Kong and raised in New Zealand and Perth. Her unique upbringing offers a valuable perspective on all things, and she’s been steadily on the rise in recent months, amassing more than 100k catalog streams on Spotify. Supported by national media outlets like Triple J, Acclaim, Vice, and Purple Sneakers, Owusu is determined to captivate her listeners with “Jool Wave”, scheduled for late 2023 to early 2024. Representing her meticulously crafted sounds, the album embraces Owusu’s authentic self-expression and focuses on the beauty of simple moments of imperfection.

Written By Megan Cao


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