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  • Sydney Gray

Review: "Back Of My Mind" - Eliza Harrison Smith

Nashville-based, indie pop singer-songwriter Eliza Harrison Smith just released her single, "Back Of My Mind." The upbeat, confessional song chronicles her experience with a former romance who keeps returning to the back of her mind. The vulnerability in the lyricism coupled with the nostalgia of the production made it feel like the cinematic experience of growing up, falling in love, and trying to move on from it. Smith has taken inspiration from a range of artists, from the Dixie Chicks to Phoebe Bridgers, which has inspired her detailed songwriting and captivating indie pop sound. If you're looking for a song that feels like the fade from end of summer to start of autumn, this track is for you.

Smith's "Back Of My Mind" starts off with an introduction that made me want to dance around in circles, before she dives into storytelling lyricism about the distance that has grown between her and her former love interest. The chorus is a high-energy rush of confessions as she admits "Sometimes I think about you in the middle of the night" and "I still remember every kiss and every little fight." The production is upbeat and breezy, with guitar strings and drum beats laden throughout. The titular refrain "You always seem to find / Your way back / Into the back of my mind" encapsulates her feelings of healing from the end of their relationship, but still thinking about what they once had.

Eliza Harrison Smith is an indie pop singer-songwriter from Washington, D.C. who relocated to Nashville in 2019 to work on her songwriting. She was inspired to make music at 13 years old, after she witnessed Taylor Swift in concert. Since moving to Nashville, she has collaborated with several artists, been recognized as one of the Nashville Songwriter Association International's (NSAI) "Ones to Watch," and received an honorable mention with NSAI's 2020 Song Contest. Her ability to piece together authentic lyrics with compelling pop hooks and production will continue to propel her in her career.

Written By Sydney Gray



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