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  • Karlee Skipper

Review: "Back To You" - Alexander Stewart

When a heart is broken, the smallest reminder can trigger a person, causing them to revert back into a state of sorrow and longing. Alexander Stewart is no stranger to this experience and pours his broken heart out in his latest single, “Back To You”. He is reminiscing on the love he lost eight months prior and wondering why everything always leads him “back to you.” The emotionally vulnerable song was inspired by a moment when he was driving a friend to the airport, and remembered that same drive with the former partner. This moment is mentioned within the second verse when Stewart sings, “And that drive taking you to the airport// Why did you tell me you’d come back?” He is now in California, wishing that the distance would heal these wounds, but instead simple favors for his friends reminds him of the love he once had. Stewart’s heartbreak is evident in the lyrics, and the hurt behind his voice. In the first verse, he sings,” But late at night I start to remember// All the times you told me forever// Just to leave without a fight.” After all this time, Stewart is still completely shattered after his partner left him abruptly without any reason. He was blindsided and is still healing from this hurt. For now, moving on is not in the cards for him and the listener cannot help but feel his pain with him.

Alexander Stewart is a master of heartbreaking tracks with vulnerable lyrics and gut-wrenching melodies. “Back To You” is another incredible addition to his melancholy discography. Stewart’s beautiful vocals are matched by the subtle piano that sets the hauntingly beautiful tone of the song. Each beat in the background is full of raw emotion that hits home for the listener and engulfs them in every note. During the hook, the production adds a reverberation to his voice that mimics an empty hallway. This effect creates a feeling of loneliness that evokes an additional element of sorrow within the listener. Stewart ends the song with a flawless falsetto that forms the emotional climax to the song that leaves the listener has heartbroken as the singer. “Back To You” is a beautifully written track that places the listener into Stewart’s shoes and makes them feel the same heartache he is feeling.

Alexander Stewart is an independent Canadian singer-songwriter, now based in Los Angeles. His first single, “Backwards”, earned a spot on the Billboard Top 20 chart in Canada, as well as earning over 20 million streams. Since then, his entire discography has garnered over 120 million streams across all platforms. Despite being an independent artist, he has nearly 2 million monthly listeners on Spotify and continues to grow in popularity. Stewart has gone on tour as supporting acts for artists such as Lauren Spencer Smith, Benson Boone, and Dylan Matthew.

Written By Karlee Smith


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