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  • Grace Chapman

Review: "Backtrack" - Emei

Emei’s “Backtrack” is the quintessential song for when someone’s taken things a little too far… and there’s no forgiving, no forgetting, and no rewriting history. When someone hurts you, especially someone you love, it cuts deeper than a knife. Their stare becomes sharp enough to puncture. Their words are icy enough to freeze you out. Their energy is so hostile you feel like you’re suffocating. There’s no taking back hurtful words or actions because our scars are already too deep. The people who love you should innately protect you, so when you feel like they’re the one constantly causing you pain, run. Sorry is a 5 letter word. If you’re sorry, change your actions. Their apology can feel like your least favorite song on repeat, and it’s time to delete it from the playlist of your life. People usually say what they mean the first time, and then try to wrap it in a bow to soften the blow they’ve already created. Your head and heart can get blindsided by ideas of love, past memories of happiness, and a hope for a better future. Don’t listen to them… listen to your gut. You should never have to question if someone loves you, if someone meant to hurt you, if you can bring it upon yourself to accept an apology you never received. Life is about going forward, and we have to stop feeling bad for not wanting to backtrack.

“Backtrack” is an alt-pop song that shows off Emei’s raw talent. Her lyrics are clever, and her voice is the perfect combination of soft and sharp. Her music is a reflection of her life, and her experiences are universal and relatable. ”Backtrack“ has a compelling instrumental groove that melds seamlessly with Emei’s captivating voice and dynamic, colorful lyrics. Her sound makes you want to get up and dance, but her words make you want to sit down and really listen. Emei is making the music scene her own, and her many talents tied perfectly together to create “Backtrack”.

Emei is an incredibly talented singer/songwriter. She invites her audience into her real world, and she desires to inspire with her hyper-relatable musings on young adult life. Her first foray into performing was competing on Chinese Idol at just 15 years old. After coming in third, she began creating and releasing her own music. Emei hit 5.5 million streams after performing her single, ”Late to the Party”, live, and she received over 9.5 million views on TikTok and Instagram. “Backtrack” is Emei’s last record of 2022, and she is finishing her pop rock era with this song for the ages. Emei is going to take the world by storm, and we can’t wait to be a small part of her voyage to the stars.

Written By Grace Chapman



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