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  • Karlee Skipper

Review: "Backyard Body" - FLØRE

In a world where true crime podcasts and documentaries are trending, “Backyard Body” by FLØRE is a song that will catch anyone’s attention. It is not for the faint of heart, and if you do not like morbidity then turn away, because FLØRE’s new single will haunt your dreams. “Backyard Body” starts with FLØRE telling her new lover to lay their heart down on her front porch because she is “that kind of girl who’s into gore”. The rest of the song proves just that with her morbid lyrics, such as, “your brain might look kinda cute on my walls” and “it’s cloudy with a good chance of murder”. In the chorus, she begs her partner to say that they will either love her or they will be “a backyard body”. She is telling her lover that death will truly be the only thing that, “do them part.”

FLØRE’s new single is intense from the beginning to the end, giving vibes of early Avril Lavigne or Paramore. The alternative-pop song has an incredible beat matched by FLØRE’s sensational voice. FLØRE is brilliant with the lyricism and imagery of the song. In the chorus, she sings “Coffin flowers do not die”. This alludes to her song, “(cøffin fløwer)”, which is another song on her new EP, “Rise of the Romaniac”. “(cøffin fløwer)” is an intense ballad that tells the story of heartbreak and how FLØRE found herself again. FLØRE tying these two songs together shows the heartbreak that hides behind the darkness of “Backyard Body”. In the pre-chorus, she sings, “My boys are rotting in the yard// Got no time left to waste// The only thing I want was love// And it made me insane”. FLØRE alludes to several previous heartbreaks, and she is tired of it. She wants this new love to be the one, or else they will just be another body in her yard. Through this dark metaphor, FLØRE is giving her lover an ultimatum; they leave now or they stay forever.

FLØRE is an alternative-pop singer who writes songs to “give this weird existence a meaning”. She is inspired by the darkness and uses her songs to express the loneliness she feels. Her latest EP, “Rise of the Romaniac” is the “afterlife” of her sophomore EP, “Romaniac”. It is more intense, deadly, and bold. She is going back to her roots of emo rock in her new EP, but her overall discography is diverse. She has three extended play albums and several standalone singles. FLØRE is a versatile artist with a little something for everyone. “Rise of the Romaniac” is out now on all streaming sites.

Written By Karlee Smith



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