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  • Kaitlyn Nicole

Review: "Bad Actress" - Dansy

Isn't it funny how society teaches us that being honest is a bad thing? That if it's going to hurt someone's feelings, it's best not to say it at all? And if you are a brutally honest person, that makes you a horrible person who does care about other people's feelings. In Dansy's latest single, "Bad Actress", she is unapologetic about being true and real. She refuses to put on the fake nice persona that we're taught to do, and chucks it all up to being a "Bad Actress". She's not going to hide how she feels and lie to people just to prevent a confrontation. Truth hurts, but sometimes you just have to learn to deal with it. And usually in the end after you swallow your pride, you realize its better to know the truth about something than to be lied to.

From the second you start listening to "Bad Actress", the guitar catches your ear and you just know this is going to be a great song. Then, Dansy draws you in even further with her charming and confident vocals and infectious energy. The song keeps your attention with it's progressive dynamics, surprising you with new guitar effects, new rhythm and beats, and killer vocals as the song goes on. It's a groove that'll have you feeling like a bad bitch. The 90s / Early 2000's Pop Rock sound is coming back, and if you love artists like No Doubt and The Veronicas, you'll love Dansy's sound. She's taking that style we all know and love, and putting her own modern twist on it. If you liked Olivia Rodrigo's new album, GUTS, then you'll LOVE "Bad Actress" by Dansy.

Dansy is an alt. pop Filipino-Australian artist from Melbourne! She describes herself as "a strong, thick, queer woman of color, making loud and unapologetic alt-pop". Using mixtures of nostalgic pop rock and punk tones within her style, her goal is to be every rock music fan's favorite pop artist, and every pop music fan's favorite rock artist. She is someone who is very true to herself, and she loves to stay connected to her roots. She purposely doesn't hide her incredible Australian accent in her music, and wants to represent both women of color and women with different body types within the rock music industry. Dansy's other single released this year, "Love Lonely" is another fantastic song with more of a mainstream pop vibe that you should check out to see how diverse Dansy is with her sound and as an artist. Dansy plans to release her debut EP in early 2024, so make sure to follow her below to keep up with her journey!

Written By Kaitlyn Nicole



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