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  • Emily Hancock

Review: "Bad Bitch Energy" - Catt McCreary

The ultimate feel-good song of the summer is here! Catt McCreary brings us “Bad Bitch Energy” to encourage and pump us up to have a hot girl summer. This tune is simply nothing else but fun and addictive. “Bad Bitch Energy” gives off nothing but good vibes as it discusses partying with your friends and owning who you are. I love how I could catch on to the lyrics and by the end of the song I was singing “I don’t care what people think/ it’s a mentality/ that bad bitch energy” right along with Catt. I felt so hyped up and like I was ready to go do whatever I wanted to and be hot while doing it.

This pop/R&B mix beautifully combines styles and musical elements to create in a new direction of pop. The different influences are striking as they seamlessly combine. Interwoven within this single are elements from pop, soul and hip hop. It has everything you need to get the perfect hit: catchy hooks, broad range in vocals, and fantastic tracking beats. I loved how these bass lines were written and how well the heavy use of synths came into play. Nothing was too overwhelming like you might tend to feel in some modern pop nowadays. Instead, it was chill and effortless. I love this feel that hyped me up while also staying relaxed and easy to groove too. The vibes are simply unparalleled.

This Atlanta-born rising star has been exposed to a variety of musical genres throughout her life. Catt McCreary is not stranger to the spotlight having been familiar with numerous instruments as well as preforming live with Jon Batiste, band leader of Stephen Colbert. From her experiences in such, Catt brings us her own unique mix of style that continues to captivate and charm us. Following her first single release back in 2014, Catt has grown wildly popular around Atlanta as well as branching out into other cities too. If you like artists such as Tate McRae and Iggy Azalea, you’ll love Catt McCreary!

Written By Emily Hancock


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