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  • Isabel Mays

Review: “Bad Ideas” - Haunter x MYTH

Most of us have found ourselves doing a lot of crazy stuff after 2 A.M. To quote the artists behind the song, “Nothing good happens after 2 A.M.” A product of a collaboration between artists Haunter and MYTH, “Bad Ideas” is an anthem to all of the wild shenanigans we get to late a night while we’re with our friends and a few drinks in. This song is really fun and has such an upbeat vibe to it. When I first listened to this song, it felt like I was in a club. It’s extremely catchy, and a great song to dance to. The lyrics are also very well written. One that I really enjoyed was “After all this time, these Bad Ideas of mine got me dreamin’ ‘bout I wanna feel you and how I’m gonna steal you from her.” Though, being honest, every lyric was a vibe. I thoroughly enjoyed all of it!

As I said before, “Bad Ideas” made me feel like I wanted to go dancing at a club. The beat is so upbeat and lively. There are so many different instrumentals being used, and the beat pumps through the lyrics, but doesn’t overpower them. It’s the perfect accompaniment to perfectly written lyrics. These stunning instrumentals were all mashed together by MYTH. It’s definitely got an EDM feel to it, which is what MYTH specializes in! I think the lyrics and instrumentals all worked together perfectly, and it’s really what made the song such a hit.

Haunter is a pop group that debuted back in 2020 with their single “Love You Better.” Since their debut, Haunter has released numerous singles and amassed around 20 thousand monthly streams on Spotify! Tyler Smyth, better known as MYTH, is an EDM-focused artist and producer that has been releasing music since 2019. Like Haunter, MYTH has released lots of songs on Spotify, and has an average of 36 thousand monthly streams on Spotify. Both artists have things they are amazing at, but it was still so fun to get to listen to their collaboration. I can see myself listening to this song more and more, which is a pretty good indicator of how much I enjoyed it. I can’t wait to hear what they release next!

Written By Isabel Mays




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