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  • Mia Chavez

Review: "Baklava" - Anthony Touma

Anthony Touma releases his flavorful new single “Baklava” and it’s just as delicious as its title suggests. With a hypnotizing voice and witty lyrics, “Baklava” hits all the right places in sound and beat. Pleasantly soothing and rhythmically groovy, “Baklava” flows seductively right from the beginning as Touma sets the stage for all women within the first verse to hit our ears. He sings, “Girl I think you dropped your crown / Let me pick it up with my jaw right off the ground.” From there we dive into Touma’s conversation with an irresistible beauty, serenading her and promising a fulfilling romance getaway. After caressing the listener's ears with a song verse spoken in French, he tells the woman “You’ve never been to France / But we can kiss in French.” The song feels like a vacation getaway, a summer date, and a slow-burner romance wrapped in a flirtatious tune. Yet within the whirling romance, the song is sweet just like baklava. Touma sings, “Baby you're a baklava, so sweet / Honey you're a mic dropper, a queen / The way you sizzle like some hot lava, sexy.”

“Baklava” has an upbeat rhythm and an undoubtedly catchy tune that will stay glued in your head long after listening. The song is culturally flavorful with its unique combination of pop and electronic sounds working together. Synthesizers are used for electronic and atmospheric sounds and electronic drums are used in the background for a flowing rhythmic movement hit perfectly in each verse. The song is paced moderately slow and the deep bass gives the song a seductive quality, like a slower sensual dance, perfect for its witty and dangerous lyrics. Touma’s voice pulls you in from the beginning, promising travel, wine, and endless fun, an enticing request listeners cannot pass up. He sings, “Wine and candlelight, let me treat you right” as he sets the stage for a summer getaway scene. His soothing voice charms listeners alongside the song’s cheerful beat and the two components make for one exquisitely satisfying piece of music.

Born in France, Anthony is a Lebanese singer, songwriter, and music producer. He has also been a semi-finalist on The Voice France and a winner on Dancing with the Stars. He has collaborated with famous artists such as Enrique Iglesias and garnered over a million views on music videos for “Sleeping On Me” and “Show Me How You Dabke.” Growing up in a musical household, Touma recalls his mother playing French music on her guitar and his father exposing him to musical genres such as rock and jazz. He describes how appearing on The Voice increased his recognition and success in his homeland's music industry. Touma notes that, due to his diverse background, he had to embark on a journey to find his music style and create a solid identity. In his past albums, Touma has shown a wide range of musical creativity, always keeping us on our toes and never putting out anything less than amazing. From ambient and acoustic singles to rhythmic dance hits such as this, Touma never disappoints. Check out Anthony Touma's music in the links below!

Written By Mia Chavez


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