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  • Tessa Maddaloni

Review: "Ballet Dancer" - NOAH PEARCE

Opening with a jazzy beat and fast paced piano chords, Noah Pearce’s latest release “Ballet Dancer” talks about how even though the relationship is over, Pearce felt that he and his ex perfectly complemented each other. He compares them to how music is to a ballet dancer, how one isn’t found without the other. He laces dance terms throughout his lyrics to connect back to the title and describe the grace of the relationship, like when he sings, ‘You’re pirouetting ‘round my heart / tiptoeing, glowing in the dark / You move your body like a star / You’re my ballet dancer’. Each word of Pearce’s lyrics is completely intentional, showing how much he cares about his music and exhibiting his attention to detail.

Despite the title and mention of ballet giving a connotation of peaceful and slow moving, Pearce’s single is anything but. The song wastes no time on an intro and a fast beat sweeps quickly into the story that allows the audience to envision what Pearce sees: a graceful dancer that ties into his lyrics and moves rapidly with the soundscape. The lyrics are wistful and longing, but still couple with the brisk and pop beat of the background instruments. The cover art features a vintage picture of a ballet dancer lifted by her partner in front of a beautiful beach background.

Noah Pearce, an artist from Luxembourg who moved to the UK to kickstart his music career, has amassed almost 400 monthly Spotify followers since his debut single in early 2022. This song, “What the Other Boys Do”, discusses Pearce’s journey as a transgender artist, and how he has struggled with leaving a part of himself behind while growing into who he wants to be. He has been very open about this journey on his social media platforms and throughout his music, allowing his artistry to be a true reflection of himself. This has also helped fans learn more about the real Noah and feel more connected to him and his music. Other releases such as “Way Back Home”, which talks about missing his hometown, and “Monster”, which discusses his battles with anxiety and mental health, show how open he is, and how music is truly Pearce’s way of expressing his emotions. Make sure to follow Pearce on his various social medias and stay tuned to his music journey to learn more.

Written By Tessa Maddaloni



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