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  • Isabel Mays

Review: “Basement” - Hana Lili

What is it that you specifically look for in a relationship? Communication? Loyalty? For me, I’d have to say trust. When you trust your partner, it can make navigating hard times easier and make the fun times even more exciting. However, when that trust is broken, it can make you start to see the kind of person your partner truly is. “Basement” is the latest single by singer and songwriter Hana Lili, and delves into a relationship navigating broken trust and lies. This song has an awesome backing track, only topped by its killer lyrics. The repeated phrase “friendly fires in the basement” is a great example of how Lili transforms her life experiences into song. It translates to how quickly a relationship can crumble because of deception and lies.

Lili has a uniquely soft, yet powerful voice. It resembles artists like Holly Humberstone and Beabadoobee, and I love both of them, so I was immediately drawn in. There’s an almost powerfully haunting sound to this song. I think it’s pretty easy to get a feel for Lili’s thoughts, feelings, and emotions behind the song because of this. I also love her use of synth technology. During the song's opening, before she starts to sing, you hear this awesome use of a deep synth. It added an extra layer of depth to the song, and I think it worked well in the end.

Hana Lili is an artist that I unfortunately had not had the pleasure of listening to before this. However, I can without a doubt say I’m a fan, now. Lili first started releasing music in 2021, with her debut single “Stay,” surpassing 300,000 streams on Spotify. Many of her songs surround topics such as relationships and heartbreak, which I love. And she likes to use an indie-rock style that I think works very well with the lyrics she writes. One big accomplishment Lili achieved was sharing the stage with Coldplay for their Music of Spheres world tour, which I think is super cool! I can see Lili going pretty far in this industry, and I plan to keep myself updated with every new release. Go stream “Basement” now!

Written By Isabel Mays



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