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  • Willow Gray

Review: "basilica" - Natalie Kilic

Natalie Kilic basilica Cover Art

“Basilica” explores the heartbroken mindset acquired from the end of a relationship with an avoidant partner. The clock ticks slowly, each hour passing slower than the one before. Each minute used to be spent alongside your once loving partner. But in the crumbling aftermath, you long for their presence in your life. Every important life milestone is spent wondering how they would react. You yearn for their comforting demeanor while cripplingly difficult events occur. But as painful as their rejection of you hurt, the memory of their coldness during the last time you saw them stings just as much. The monotonous tone they spoke with as they chose another over you was heartbreaking in words you cannot fully articulate. The trauma they gave you left you completely crumbled. The foundations of the relationship you built crumbles in a chaotic dangerous state. It once felt like an empire, but was now left fallen and abandoned. What they did was easier for them, but the glorious, shining pillar you two once formed remains decayed. In many ways, that is still the hardest part of everything they abandoned you in.

“Basilica” is a chill commercial single that encapsulates the somber nature of its narrative. A key aspect of “basilica” is its stringed and percussive instrumentation. It begins with simple strings balancing on each other. They do this intertwined with the low yet expressive vocal performance. The chorus seamlessly integrates brief yet intricate sweeping strings. These added strings are sprinkled throughout as they pair with the increased vocal harmonies. Following the first chorus, the instrumentation takes a surprising yet welcome change by adding new instruments and sounds. The newly added drums are paired with unique synthesizers and other retro-like additives. Each new verse and chorus includes an extra vocal effect or instrument that feels as natural to the single as the simple beginning it had.

Natalie Kilic is a Turkish singer-songwriter currently based in New York. Her love of music has been a part of her for years and was writing music from just age six. She attended and graduated from the University of Alabama. She began her music career at age 23 and has released many singles since starting her music journey. She is inspired by artists such as Banks and WET and integrates this into much of her work. Her work often includes other forms of art, such as her art being used for the “basilica” cover art. She has a respectable social media presence and has amassed a dedicated following. Make sure to follow her on social media and give “basilica” a listen!

Written By Willow Gray



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