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  • Megan Cao

Review: "Be Alone" - Madeline Rhodes

“Be Alone” by Madeline Rhodes emerges as a somber reflection during a period of self-imposed quarantine, a result of necessity that turned into an exploration of solitude. Produced by the illustrious Brett Shaw at 123 Studios in Peckham – known for his work with Florence + the Machine and Foals – one expects nothing less than a sonic masterpiece, combining crisp instrumentation with Rhodes' emotive voice to narrate her poignant tale. Beginning with a haunting melody that quickly establishes the tone of introspection, Rhodes' vocal prowess is apparent, as she deftly navigates through the landscape of her emotions, her voice serving as both the narrator and the participant of the story she tells. The musicality mirrors the lyrical dichotomy of the desire and fear of being alone, with ebbing and flowing dynamics that accentuate this push-and-pull sensation.

Lyrically, "Be Alone" delves into the heart of what many have felt but few have expressed. The line "I'm scared to be… I think I need to be… I know I shouldn’t be… I’ve got to be alone" speaks volumes about the human condition—our desperate need for connection battling our equally strong yearning for personal space and identity. Rhodes doesn't resolve this conflict but instead lays it bare for all to see, making the song an anthem for anyone grappling with the nuances of self-care versus self-isolation. Beyond the enticing production and vocal delivery, the emotional resonance of "Be Alone" is where Rhodes truly shines. In a time when the world was forced into solitude, her words echo the silent musings of many. Through acknowledging her struggles with identity and mental health, Rhodes opens a dialogue that extends beyond the music. She isn't offering solutions; rather, she is providing solidarity – a notion that you are not alone in your desire to be alone.

Madeline Rhodes, an artist whose journey through the realms of Broadway to the viral landscape of YouTube with her feminist anthem "Free the Nip," has taken a step closer to her roots with her latest single "Be Alone." The pivot toward vulnerability and introspection is a remarkable foray into the intricacies of self and societal labels for Rhodes, whose background story defines much of her creative output. As a precursor to her full-length album set for release in 2024, "Be Alone" signifies more than just a musical interlude – it's a testament to Rhodes' commitment to using her art as a conduit for shared human experiences.

Written By Megan Cao


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