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  • Jane Katryn

Review: "Be Alright" - Hunter Moreau

Tunnel vision is a common issue that comes along when problems arise. We tend to focus on everything going wrong, stressing ourselves out unnecessarily even if we know that most of the time, we can't do anything to change it. However, that's why it stresses us out--because it's out of control. With Hunter Moreau's newest single, "Be Alright" she leaves us with the reminder that while it's out of our control, it'll be okay. We've survived worse; we've made it this far--so keep that in mind as we're going to make it out of this too. "Be Alright" gives us the notion that even if we're messing up or feel like we're spiraling, there's peace in knowing that we're strong enough to come out the other side completely fine.

With many motivational songs, artists tend to go for the impactful and strong chords--leaving us with this intense imprint that forces its way into our heads. But Hunter Moreau strays from that path with "Be Alright", giving us a gentle track that eases its way in-- which, in my opinion, might leave a longer-lasting impression on us. It's uniquely memorable with its light backbeat and guitar, letting us absorb her meaning with her beautiful vocals. Many people haven't experienced a free-flowing peace during their most stressful times, and while it takes a while to get there, "Be Alright" takes our hand and guides us there with an overflowing feeling of serenity. It's refreshing in both meaning and sound--partly due to the lyrics, "Yeah, I might be a mess/but I'll be alright". It's carefree and so bereft of anxiousness that it stands to have a significant effect.

From Massachusetts comes the stunning singer/songwriter that is Hunter Moreau. The pop singer released this newest track, "Be Alright" on August 12, and with it, we're brought this groovy and inspired track that feels liberating. She's catchy and memorable--most of her songs are captivating expressions of her vulnerable sides. She wants to empower people to be vulnerable, to know every part of themselves, and step out of their comfort zones--and she believes she can inspire this with her music. She debuted with her single, "Drive In" in November of 2019 and since then has released three more songs, "Hazy", "Sleepyhead", and this release, "Be Alright" all of which have garnered Moreau a mass of fans eagerly listening in.

Written by Jane Katryn



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