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  • Andy Mockbee

Review: "Be The One" - Kevin Silvester

photo credit: Josh Fahmi

The feeling that the person you love is slipping through your fingertips is viscerally and poetically expressed through "Be The One." On the latest single from singer/songwriter/producer, Kevin Silvester, the song itself sounds as though you're falling right through it. The dazzling collaborative single between Silvester and JVCUI blends modern electro-pop with grimy club grit. The first verse whirls around JVCUI's emotive vocals and vivid lyrical imagery. The pulsing synths and dancepop beats submerge the scene in a murky darkness. When the stunning chorus breaks through, the waves of distortion and retro synths storm through like a futuristic car flying down the coast during a midnight rainstorm. It's as awe-striking as it is intoxicating. The two singers' voices blend and contrast beautifully as they trade lines over the instrumental peak. In the final chorus, JVCUI uses her voice like a synth backdrop to Kevin Silverster's singing; it's a fireworks combination.

The single smartly juxtaposes vivid imagery against direct confessional lyrics. JVCUI sings of guilt and restrictiveness, frozen memories and fake smiles. There's an evocative and unsettling blur between resentment and desperation. Silvester's voice morphs synthetically as he begs, "Don't let me go / I don't wanna ever be alone." There's a sense that these pleas are the fluorescent undercurrent of isolation destabilizing "Be The One." The desire to cling closer is tantalizingly coated in razor-sharp melody, JVCUI's voice twisting at the words as she sings "Is it selfish of me if I just wanna be the one / That you dream of night." After getting swept up by its vortex, the outcome is hauntingly uncertain.

Melbourne-based Kevin Silvester is a singer/songwriter, producer, multi-instrumentalist, and DJ. His journey to becoming the impressive electronic act he is today began at the age of eleven, when he began to write music as a classically-trained pianist and cellist. Silvester released his debut single in 2019, "On Your Mind." Since, he's collaborated with many artists, releasing singles towards an upcoming debut album. The album, titled Sleepwalker, is thematically centered on "escapism, introspection, and grief." It's already accumulated over three million streams ahead of release. "Be The One" released alongside an excellent music video featuring Silvester and JVCQUI.

Written By Andy Mockbee

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