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  • Stephanie Berning

Review: “Beast & His Beauties” - Grace Gachot

“Beast & His Beauties” is a catchy pop song with beautiful vocals. Grace Gachot sings about a love story that is not the perfect fairytale she thought it was. From a third-person point of view, the artist writes about a naive young woman being played by a partner. The songwriter details being blind to her boyfriend's flaws because of the rose-colored glasses she wore. In the single, the vocalist is able to bring to life a dreamy and storybook love story.

This single has detailed lyricism and Gachot's voice has a lightness to it that complements the fairytale melody. A highlight of the track would be the chorus. In the chorus, the artist lowers her tone, with layered vocals doing runs in the background. This shows the vocalist's range and how she is able to sing a gorgeous falsetto as well as an alto. Overall, "Beast & His Beauties" is a hazy, dreamy, and fairytale-inspired track that listeners will love.

Grace Gachot is an English singer-songwriter, who was raised in Spain before returning to London. She has always loved music but began pursuing it officially at 17 years old. Her music is based on her experiences and her main goal when writing music is, to be honest, and promote self-love. The artist has only released two singles, her debut track was released in September of 2022, titled, “F*****y Tragedy” and her second single was released recently in October of 2022.

Written By Stephanie Berning



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