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  • Hailey Schap

Review: "Becoming My Ex" - Rvkah

“Becoming My Ex” is Rvkah’s latest single, a piece focused on the realization that one may never be that.  The people we surround ourselves with influence us more than we know, particularly the people we love.  While this love allows for their first breach into our lives and our personalities, a loss of it does not take the characteristics they first brought.  So, while the subtle integration of our partners and friends usually goes unnoticed, when the love leaves but the influence doesn’t, it’s a stark reality that not all of these little traits are desirable.  Rvkah walks the listener through this transformation as well as the creeping awareness of it with the same subtlety with which it begins in life.

The song begins with that loving notice, “Sometimes I think it’s cute, I started taking after you”, with a growing percussion that implies an explosive change in this belief.  When this quickening beat comes to its conclusion, it’s as if the evidence has come together and Rvkah begins listing out the slight actions she’s noticed.  Her final product begins as a build up of the smallest characteristics, a signature cigarette and a signature apathy being one in the same.  Metaphors that compare these allow for the slightness of her writing to express greater messages and have an emotional impact without ever directly stating such.  Her voice, usually in an almost speaking tone, presents this as well.  It’s personal and intimate but with a casual overtone.  At the peak of her emotive confessions surrounding the relationship, her voice emits it too.  Extraordinarily talented, heartfelt and soulful.  Anything stated in such a way would be impactful but her lyricism tied into it gives the song the particular touch it so notably holds.

Rvkah, the stage name for Rebecca Jean Moritz, was generationally inspired to follow a career in creativity, coming from years of actors and musicians.  She was raised in this environment of artistry in Israel, born in Florida.  It didn’t take much time for this influence to hit her hard, by twelve years old she had already released an award winning album.  Another was soon to follow, being granted with awards as well as being featured on radio stations and MTV across Europe.  She continued this path strong, attending and graduating from Berklee College of Music and creating all the while.  “Becoming My Ex” is her first release of this year, so evidently, she’s off to an incredible start.  Stream it and follow her below.

Written By Hailey Schap



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