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  • Grace Chapman

Review: "Bee Suits" - LIJO

Artpop songstress LIJO releases new single, “Bee Suits,” that explores the themes of identity and validation. This song is about rewriting the narrative others have created for you. No matter what people think or what people say, we know who we are, and being confusing or undefinable is a great compliment. We must free ourselves from worry or doubt about what the neighbors might think. Living authentically and unapologetically is the only way to set yourself free. People will live their whole lives following the statuesque and doing what they’re "supposed" to, and one day they look around in a city or robots who hide their boredom with a plastered smile and an unspoken duty to do it all again tomorrow. As an outsider, you learn who you really are and what really matters. Keeping up with the Jones’ just keeps you further and further from your true self and true passions. No one should ever apologize for living an unconventional life of happiness and freedom, and the only validation we ever need is from the person in the mirror.

“Bee Suits” is a different bop for Dutch avant-pop singer LIJO. It shifts from sounding eerie and held back to being lighthearted and open. She captures these relevant and reoccurring topics in her most vibrant release yet. “Bee Suits” is just one more example of LIJO’s talent and ability to be fluid in her craft. She easily maneuvers a new genre while never losing sight of her signature innovative melodies and her literate, colorful approach to lyrics. In the song and in life, LIJO doesn’t like being defined by others or herself, and that is the reason she takes time to constantly redefine her sound and her perception of self. LIJO touches on such an important paradox in a captivating manner that will inevitably lead to us rewriting our story and continuing to listen to her’s.

Artpop artist LIJO creates music that leaves her audience thinking while simultaneously dancing and singing along. Growing up in a small village in the Netherlands, LIJO taught herself how to write songs and play piano. With little outside knowledge of pop music, she created her own, unique sound that bleeds into all her work. Her self-taught knowledge and continuous passion laid the foundation for her quirky sense of melody and her genre-changing writing style. After launching her solo career, LIJO allowed herself the freedom to explore electronic elements within her music. Her never-ending curiosity and self-redefinition leave her hard to put in a box, and LIJO will continue to renew who she is and play with sounds to keep her audience guessing and questioning life!

Written By Grace Chapman



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