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  • Giselle Morales

Review: "Before the Roof Caves in" - Brian Walker

“Before the Roof Caves in” is a catchy, funk pop bop that carries a much deeper meaning. The song essentially talks about Brian Walker’s personal journey of trying to make it as a musician despite facing life’s greatest hurdle – time. While it’s specific to the artist’s journey, this song is one I relate to deeply. We’re all racing against time to achieve the things we want in life. Walker is an artist who has never shied away from digging deep. With music, I believe the thing that listeners connect to the most is vulnerability, and in this song specifically, Walker goes there without hesitation and does not disappoint. The lyrics, “Regrets // How can I forget // The ones that left me leave me haunted // I lie awake at night // ‘Cause love is hard to find // And this just ain’t the life I wanted,” are raw, reflective, and showcase that, while Walker may be a star on the rise, he still experiences many of the same struggles that we do. The lyrics are also a stark contrast to the song’s fun, upbeat vibe, which I found incredibly refreshing.

Alexa, add “Before the Roof Caves in” to the party playlist. Walker’s latest single is a song that can hit you in the feels and make you want to get up and dance at the same time. A true funk pop fusion, the song’s heavy slap bass pulsates throughout the three-minute track and provides an infectious groove. The chorus in particular provides the pop flare with a subtle synth keyboard, creating a break in the song that perfectly builds up the anticipation for the bass beat to drop once again. To top it all off, the last ten seconds of the song feels like the cherry on top. Walker’s voice effortlessly flowed throughout the entire track, but the vocal run that he does at the end made me eager to hear more.

For Brian Walker, the proof is in the pudding. A true grassroots artist, Walker has dreamed of being a musician his entire life. Born and raised on a New Hampshire farm, the artist began writing, mixing, and producing his own music from his childhood bedroom. Walker’s debut single “Collided” was released in 2018. Since then, his music has been featured on prominent Spotify playlists including “Fresh Finds,” “Fresh Finds: Poptronix,” and “New Music Indonesia.” Walker’s popularity has also grown extensively. He’s played over 700 shows across New England and has also played at prominent venues like the Berklee Performance Center and Mohegan Sun. His infectious pop funk sound and introspective lyrics have also amassed him a significant number of streams on Spotify. Two of his singles, “Lookin’ Like My Wife” and “MY LETTER,” currently have over 100,000 streams. His latest track, “Before the Roof Caves in,” which is the third single off of his upcoming debut LP, is out now.

Written By Giselle Morales



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