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  • Molly Schiff

Review: "Before You're Gone" - Sean Doherty

Almost everybody who’s experienced a heartbreak or two has the one that got away. Imagine being with someone you love and knowing that they will one day come to be this person to you. That is exactly what Sean Doherty is singing about in his newest single “Before You’re Gone.” Sean refers to this single as “a queer love note to the one you know is gonna get away.” The lyrics are heavily focused on missing somebody before they’re even gone, and can place you right back into that mindset with impeccable accuracy if you’ve ever been in that position. It is an extremely relatable song with heartbreaking lyrics that you’re bound to listen to again and again.

A lovely guitar melody and an almost echoy sound cue us listeners into the intro, which is then followed by Sean’s voice hitting a vast range of notes in the first verse. As this verse continues, a soft clap is introduced in the background, becoming slowly more prominent until the break right before the chorus, where the song has a big shift. Here, the song really homes in on Sean’s voice, which is absolutely breathtaking. He hits a vast range of notes with what feels like ease, but we all know is actually quite difficult. It was all a remarkable buildup to the chorus, where the beat begins to pick up as Sean begins to sing to the person this song is about with increasing passion. We are taken out of this song the same way Sean brought us into the chorus– his powerful voice.

Sean Doherty is an aspiring singer, actor, and songwriter. He has written the lyrics to every song he’s released. Originally from the midwest, Sean is now living in New York City, and has been there for around eight years now following his passion for music and acting. A self-proclaimed “sad gay tenor for hire,” one of the pillars of Sean’s beliefs–which is reflected in his music–is positive queer representation. Currently, Sean is working as a swing on the Jagged Little Pill tour. He was also just in the grand premiere of Eighty-Sixed, a new musical released in San Diego. With such a promising start, we at Pop Passion are looking forward to seeing Sean’s career continue to grow.

Written By Molly Schiff



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