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  • Andy Mockbee

Review: "Before You" - Tom Grennan

Just four tracks into Tom Grennan's third album and the pop singer-songwriter has already showcased the range of most artist's full albums. But he's still got 13 tracks left, and the fifth, "Before You," takes the Bedfordshire singer's earworm melody and daring maximalism to a whole new level. The album highlight shares the qualities of Grennan's best songs: indelible vocal melody, high-impact chorus, and colorful soundscape. It's the distinct emotional edge in his vocal performance, clashing brilliantly against the bright instrumentation, that transforms "Before You" into a masterclass in dynamic pop. As Grennan soars into the skyscraping chorus, he delivers each euphoric word with a daring abandon. Layered into the devotion and adoration is the sense that the singer is throwing his whole self into those feelings for the very first time.

"Guess I thought that I was moving way too fast to fall in love." For Grennan, love never meant sticking your neck out and accepting the potential of getting hurt. He feels a little self-deprecating in regards to this ("Clueless, stupid, I didn't know what I was doing"), but that doesn't dampen the exhilarating promise of the future. "I never had someone to fight for, but now I do." The realization that he is all in with this relationship comes with the euphoria of understanding love on a deeper level. This is a love that brings out a new side of him, emboldening him to dive headfirst. "I used to only play to win, now darling I've got everything to lose." It brings the album's broader themes of rebuilding and starting new into full clarity. On "Before You," the start of positive experience is understood by its absence up until that point.

"What Ifs & Maybes" is the third album from Tom Grennan, containing 17 tracks including "Before You." The album follows Grennan's breakthrough sophomore album, "Evering Road," which hit UK #1 on the charts. His latest album features hit singles, such as last year's "Lionheart (Fearless)" with Joel Corry. The Alternative Rock Act nominee is riding high off an arena tour, sharing his new LP's title, which sold over 180,000 tickets across Europe. His inspiring positivity is evident in his music as much as his actions (he ensured ticket prices remained affordable and accessible by forgoing VIP/platinum options). With each new release and creative endeavor, Grennan solidifies his place at the vanguard of alt pop.

Written By Andy Mockbee

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