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  • Lyndsey Cheng

Review: "Begin" - Fairlane x Britt Lari

Sometimes as people, we can feel a loss of self-identity. It can be caused by many things: another human, ourselves, society, social media; the list is endless. It can create a toxic energy that is unwanted and overwhelming. We lose control of ourselves to the point where it can be harming to us. Fairlane and Britt Lari’s song, “Begin” is about beating ourselves up for feeling embarrassed or ashamed of everything that eats us up inside, possibly caused by something we allowed to happen. We’re blinded by these negative things or thoughts that we can’t seem to get out of. It’s almost like an addiction; when it seems like things are starting to get better, something happens to bring us down and then it begins all over again.

“Begin” starts immediately with Lari’s raw vocals followed by an echo creating a dreamy effect. Lari’s vocal style captivates the ears with her passionate voice that illuminates the message about a toxic energy that is burdensome. The track has an electro-pop soundscape with an EDM tempo that carries throughout and is heavily highlighted as a bass drop with the chorus. The second verse has the same echo that is followed by Lari’s voice, and it’s mixed with a fast, tempo beat that leads to the bass drop again. The consistency of the electro-pop melody enhances the song itself which makes it enjoyable to listen. It also has a dance-pop feel to it where it makes you want to jump from your seat and vibe along with. The end of the track has a softer finish with Lari’s beautiful, echoed vocals that accentuates the tune with the same dreamy effect.

Fairlane is an alias name of Tyler Mead who’s a Canadian based multi-instrumentalist producer. After he debuted with an official remix of “Desperado” by Rihanna, he’s worked with names such as Ava Max, Nevve, Jocely Alice, and many more. Fairlane’s original music have gathered over 250 million streams on YouTube and over 30 million on Spotify. He entered the live music scene back in late 2018 to support ILLENIUM on his Awake 2.0 Tour. He’s been delivering energetic shows that keep the fans anticipated for his new releases and performances. Britt Lari is a Peruvian-born and LA based singer/songwriter and producer of dance pop music. She was originally a skilled pianist and earned the title of international elite gymnast while having a singing career in her hometown of Lima, Peru. Her music earned features on SiriusXM Chill and Kiss FM to Spotify playlists. She’s collaborated with artists from around the world and signed to multiple labels like Sony and Warner. They are both talented artists that you wouldn’t want to miss out on!

Written By Lyndsey Cheng




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