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  • Jane Katryn

Review: "Best Life" - Nette

Sometimes we forget that when we scroll through posts on our social media feeds, we look at a combination of editing and carefully curated moments. But the truth behind each one is a life filled with normality and struggles, and we're just trying to design the best image of ourselves to make people envy us. In some way, with the requirement of being on social media, it feels less like a way to catch up with each other and more like a competition breeding bad behavior, which is precisely what Nette describes in her newest song, "Best Life". In a track that makes fun of the struggles of people trying to show off their best life on a social media page, Nette creates an upbeat pop song that is so utterly relatable you can't help but want to sing along.

Describing her experiences with social media, Nette brings us "Best Life" to depict the reality of living in this day and age--that we're all just trying to compete with the fake realities of other people. "Scrolling through my feed, and everyone I see is doing better than me" perfectly describes the song's essence, the lyric showing how we want to put our best foot forward and make ourselves look like we have a picture-perfect life but truthfully? We're "crying on the inside, put a filter on and let them think that I'm alright". But looking away from the sad reality behind the meaning, we can find fun with Nette's witty lines, making the song upbeat and energetic, especially with the inclusion of a gorgeous instrumental and her remarkable vocals.

Starting her musical career by performing around Vancouver, Nette gains her title as a singer, songwriter, and producer. But in addition to those titles, the artist is an advocate for women in the music industry, shown even through this newest release as it was written and produced solely by women. She shared her musical adventure with her massive audience on TikTok and started releasing her music on other platforms in October 2021 with her first single (written, recorded, and produced by her), "Feelings". "Best Life" marks Nette's fourth single, and with it, she accumulates a mass of fans who excitedly await her new music.

Written by Jane Katryn



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